Bankchain = Blockchain for Banks

1. Node / code of BankChain projects

Members are provided dedicated cloud hosted blockchain nodes / sample applications / source code for BankChain projects. For details, see:

2. Dedicated YobiChain

Members are provided dedicated YobiChain, a single-node private blockchain ecosystem preloaded with web & FTP server, basic blockchain applications, blockchain web demo and blockchain explorer.

3. Invitation to exclusive events and technical training programs

Members are invited to exclusive blockathons, technical training sessions and BankChain meetings. For details, see:

4. Access to training material

Members are provided access to Primechain training materials and curated content.

5. Members can nominate to various BankChain committees

  • 1 member to the BankChain Steering Committee
  • 2 members to the BankChain Technology Committee
  • 2 members to the BankChain Regulatory Committee
  • 2 members to the BankChain Business Committee

6. Future Money Conference

Members are provided 2 VIP invites to the annual Future Money Conference. For details on Future Money Conference, 2017, see: